Various Questions

How daily limits are counted when 2 social accounts of the same platform are used on the same TexAu workspace?

Let's say you have to automate 2 accounts using 2 different connection cookies but for the same social network platform.

Ex: 2 Instagram accounts but managed under the same TexAu workspace:

Document image

Then, the default daily limits will be applied to both of those accounts. It will be the same and split across both. Not ideal.

To overcome this, the best is to create another workspace account:

Document image

This workspace setting IS NOT the same as the TexAu team member account (seat)! This workspace account setting is solely made to add all your client social accounts so the daily safety limits are applied individually to each one separately.

Then process both accounts of the same social platform on separate TexAu workspaces to benefit from full default limits.

Otherwise, you will have to manipulate and increase the default daily limits (not really advised and potentially dangerous for your account safety if not done correctly) in your preferences here:

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You only want to do this if your social account is aged and warmed up enough. But still, only increase those limits gradually by 10 execution until you find the sweet spot.

There are indeed very few cases where you might want to use 2 separate cookies for the same platform.

For example, let's say you automate your own LinkedIn profile and would like another team member or your VA to do some action on Linkedin. Well, you can do this on the same recipe by creating a condition branch (routing).

But please, don't jump on this before mastering the basics and not being 100% sure of what you are doing. This is quite an advanced setup.

Another way to do this would be to use incoming webhooks to trigger one recipe by another or use Zapier and Integromat TexAu apps for this.

When an automation data goes to Google Sheets many rows are displaced. What is the cause of this and what should I do?

This feature is present in all automation that returns multiple values for one query, like:

  • Check a website tech stack automatically
  • Extract Social Media Links From Website
  • Extract Emails and Phones From Website
  • Find Emails using Domain
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These Automation scripts will usually scrape or find multiple emails, phones, or tech stacks but in a varied amount depending on what is found.

If you output those results on a sheet, since the number of found data is not fixed, without checking that option all those will be pasted on a new line making your extraction worthless and your sheet unreadable:

Document image

In this example, all the website tech stack data found for the first row has been displaced in other rows...

Those results will be comma-separated in the same cell/column:

Document image

So to prevent that and have every result in one cell per variable (all emails in a cell, all phones in a cell, etc...) check these boxes below:

Extract Emails and Phones From Website
Extract Emails and Phones From Website

Check a website tech stack automatically
Check a website tech stack automatically

Find Emails using Domain
Find Emails using Domain

Another Tip: map those columns/variables at the end of your sheet. That way you will be able to separate those values on the additional columns in Excel without displacing the rows they belong to since those are comma-separated.

Can I scrape Facebook profiles UID (User IDs) and create an audience to target them with ads???

No, you can't and if you do Facebook will BAN you. This is a trick from the good old days that doesn't work anymore since 2014. Forget about it.

What can work though: using Facebook profile emails, but those are hard to collect and rarely displayed on Facebook profile pages (the email those profiles used to register on Facebook).

The best way to create an audience is to interact with a list of profiles, make them in return interact with your Facebook pages (likes, comments), then you'll be able to add those to create an ad audience from the data you scrape with TexAu. For example scraping profile details of the people who interact with your page content (likes, comments).

Another tick is to share valuable pieces of content using a link shortener on which you attach your Facebook pixel. That way you will be able to create an audience too and retarget the people who click on your links.

There are no shortcuts, you have to post great content and genuinely interact with people to build a custom audience.

Does TexAu remove the emojis in profile's names on LinkedIn?

Yes, it does. Later on, it will also allow users to remove suffixes like "PMP", "Ph.D.", etc ... from the profile names (a similar feature to Dux-Soup).

What happens if I copy-paste my cookie in TexAu and then log off from social media?

Well, if you do so your connection cookie will be expired and invalid. So TexAu won't be able to connect and process the automation on your account.

Keep logged in but don't interact with your profile while the automation is running.

TexAu indeed needs a valid logged-in session.

My social profile is not in english and no automation is working, what should I do?

All social platforms you use should be set to English to work with TexAu. It's a setup located in the preferences of your social media account. You can learn more about how to do so here:

Social Media Account Setup: How to Change Language Settings

Why Sending Facebook And Instagram DM's Not Available?

Because since Facebook and Instagram decided to merge both in messenger in August 2020, most automation tools including TexAu aren't able to correctly process automation on DMs.

A workaround is in the works, please be patient.

I made a workflow and suddenly Realized All The Automation Variables I Entered Disappeared, Why?

2 possible reasons:

  1. You removed a previous module from your workflow where the variables were taken from. Even if you put back the same automation module in place, you will have to add those variables again.
  2. You used a Chrome extension that interacts with text content on web pages like Grammarly. Please consider deactivating all chrome extensions like Adblock, Grammarly, and the likes that can modify text content or block scripts on the page.
  3. Sometimes it can be a cosmetic bug too: click on another automation then click back on the module you were trying to edit the variable, and the variable icon will re-appear.

What are these strange characters I see at the end of an automation name in my workflow?

Document image

This is none of your concern. Those are internal automation module IDs that are unique to all the modules you use in your workflow. We will definitely remove that from the front end soon because it's confusing to most people, sorry for this.

I have a white screen of death after deleting an execution from the logs

Yes, this randomly happens from time to time.

Usually, when this happens you can do a hard refresh (both on the cloud and the desktop app):

  • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + R
  • Mac: Command + SHIFT + R

This will reload the dashboard as it was before.