TexAu Account Setup

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TexAu Account Setup

Account Setup

In TexAu, you can set up your all account details by clicking on the profile icon located in the left corner of the dashboard:

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Let's begin with the Account tab:

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Here you can set your profile details such as your name and company but most importantly:

  1. Change your password
  2. See your account plan details like the daily execution time and email enrichment credits, and parallel executions number.
  3. Delete your account (If you don't want to stay with us 🥲). Otherwise, NEVER EVER touch that button. Any account deletion is irrevocable and final and will erase all the data on it. This button had to be in place to comply with data protection laws. Also, this is not an unsubscribe button, you need to go to the subscription tab for this first.
  4. Setup your Time Zone: this is a crucial detail because this will be the time zone used all across the TexAu platform for logs and scheduling. Keep in mind this can only be set up ONCE. It can be changed afterward upon support requests only for very exceptional cases (ex: moving to a new country).
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Here you can set your time zone. You can only set up this once. Be careful.

Proxy Manager (browser version/cloud only)

With automation in the cloud comes proxies! In the cloud, Proxies are mandatory to ensure your safety when automating your social media accounts.

This setting allows you to add as many proxies as you like for your account, sales team, or clients.

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Here you can give your proxy a name, add its IP and Port, Username with Password:

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You can find more details for setting up proxies in TexAu and a list of Proxy Providers here:

Global Variable Manager

TexAu Global Variable manager stores all the variables that you can reuse everywhere in the platform, such as:

  • connection cookies
  • integration API keys
  • Any data that you use and reuse over and over again in all automation.
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You can either create a new Global Variable in the above tab or directly from the workflow builder:

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No matter how you add those Global Variables, both windows are in sync: what you add in one will reflect in the other.

Later on, TexAu will implement a more straightforward process with one-click integration instead of Global Variables.

More about Global Variables use and cookies here:

What Are Login Cookies And How To Use Them?

Notification Center

TexAu notification center allows users to receive emails upon automation completion. In the same way, it can also give warnings in case of execution failure or when an automation needs a cookie update to resume:

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Each notification email sent contains a clickable link redirecting to the result tab to download the CSV file data extraction or run another automation from those results:

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Subscription Dashboard

This dashboard shows your current plan and subscription details.

Here you can upgrade your plan for additional daily execution time.

Additionally, you can buy one-time email enrichment credits to find valid emails or verify a list.

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Team Members Dashboard

Depending on your plan, you can have additional team members' seats:

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A team member can connect to TexAu and run, edit or create automation workflows depending on his role permission level:

  • viewer: can only view and run automation
  • editor: can edit and run automation
  • admin: can edit and run automation and manage team seat permissions

A team can have more than one admin.

An admin can also grant or revoke access to any platform (ex: Only certain people can automate LinkedIn). Admins can allocate daily execution time to be divided between each member of a team.

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Workspace Manager

In TexAu, daily limits are hardcoded and automatically allocated for each account at the workspace level.

Each set of social accounts (one LinkedIn account, one Facebook account, and so on...) for one individual belong to a dedicated workspace:

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Daily Limits Settings

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Here, you'll find each daily limit associated with all automation. While you can modify those limits, it is not advisable to do so except for rare circumstances like:

  • Long time paid Sales Navigator members with aged and warmed up accounts willing to go a little faster temporarily
  • Running disposable accounts (burners) for massive data extraction in the least amount of time possible. Unfortunately, those accounts won't last very long for obvious reasons as social platforms will ban them.

Again, 99% of people should not modify these safety limits, except if they are fully conscious about what they are doing.

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