How to Activate Reply Detection In LinkedIn Messages?

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Reply Detection

To enable reply detection in your follow-up messages (2nd message after a connection request or the message after the first one), you just need to check the box called “Reply Detection”.

Couldn’t be easier than that! 😜

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What does the variable called “sentMessage” represent here?

This variable represents the text copy of the previous message sent in the workflow.

So TexAu will detect replies by comparing the next text message copy with the previous one before it.

Each chat thread for each profile has a unique URL. And TexAu will collect the past message in the conversation to prevent the follow-up to be sent if it detects a reply from your prospect.

Logically if the content of the last message conversation is the same as the previous one, that means the profile didn't reply to you. In this case, TexAu will send the follow-up message.

If not, it won’t.

So the setup below is indeed the "reply detection" setting.

And you can put this at any stage of the funnel (using a LinkedIn or InMail message automation in any place or order after the connection request node).

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Super Handy Tip: Did you know that you could rename all automation modules in a workflow? Just click on the little pen on the module and label all the steps you want to remember better where you are in the flow. Handy!

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Super Handy Tip #2: How to trigger reply detection after the last sent message since there is no other message to compare after that???

Then the ninja part comes in: adding a filter to compare the text content of your last message sent with the most recent message present in the chatbox after a delay of 3 days.

For this, you will use the "Extract LinkedIn Chat Messages" module placed after the last message module you used in the workflow and add a three or five days delay between the two automaton modules.

And to trigger reply detection, you will use a filter as follows:

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Simple logic: if the last message in the chat thread is not identical to the previous message coming from you, that means your prospect has replied, then you will be able to trigger another action like a Slack notification, a webhook that sends an email, use your imagination!

You can also use this setting for more advanced use cases like triggering a message not based on the entire content of the past message (reply detection) but using a keyword instead, it contains (conditional message).

Ex: only send the following message if the prospect's reply doesn't contain "not interested", “thanks”, or “do not”.

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