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Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRM among SMB's and Startups alike.

TexAu integrates with Pipedrive so you can feed leads on autopilot!

Here's a workflow example you can use to use this integration. To learn about the complete process in Sales Navigator, please refer to this article about Hubspot integration:


First let's start with a simple use case: scraping profiles from LinkedIn and sending the details to Pipedrive:

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To integrate Pipedrive with TexAu, you will need an API Key.

First, go to Pipedrive Settings' Personal Preferences. Generate a new token, then copy your unique API Key.

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In the Pipedrive module, there are two options:

  • Add Person Lead to Pipedrive (contact)
  • Add Company Lead to Pipedrive (company)

The process is identical for both.

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1. Add a Person (Profile) to Pipedrive

Here in our example, we will use the first one to create a new lead in Pipedrive.

At the end of your workflow, we added the "Add Person Lead to Pipedrive" to create a need lead in our CRM.

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Here is a description of all the fields you can map:

  • Pipedrive API Key: your Pipedrive API Key

  • Lead Title: the prospect's job title
  • Person Name: prospect's full name
  • Owner ID: your Pipedrive User ID (can be blank by default if you are the Pipedrive admin)
  • Org ID: your Pipedrive Organization ID (can be blank by default if you are the Pipedrive admin)
  • Email: prospect's Email

You can also set the visibility permission from TexAu to Pipedrive to specify who can see the leads you are creating in your organization.

How to get your Pipedrive API Key?

To get your Pipedrive API key, go to your "Personal Preferences" on the top right corner:

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Then go to the "API" tab:

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Finally, copy your API Key in a safe place, we will use it in TexAu in a minute:

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Copy this API Key in a safe place we will need it later in TexAu.

How to get your Pipedrive Organization ID?

On the main Pipedrive dashboard you can your company/organization ID in the URL below, it is the first part such as:

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This step is optional if you are the CRM administrator.

How to get your User ID?

To get your Pipedrive user ID, go to the "More" left tab and select "User overview":

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Here you can select the User account you want to assign and send the LinkedIn profiles to in the CRM:

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To get the User ID, simple copy the ID at the end of the User URL in your navigation bar:

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This step is optional if you are the CRM administrator and want to assign the lead to yourself.

How to create additional fields in Pipedrive and TexAu?

Let's suppose you want to add additional detail like the company website domain now.

For this, you will need to create an additional field in Pipedrive first.

How to create a custom field in Pipedrive?

First, go to Settings > Company > Data fields, and click on “Add custom field”:

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Here, you have 2 choices:

  1. Use an existing Pipedrive field, or
  2. Create any custom field
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There are 4 types of custom field categories in Pipedrive:

  • Lead/deal field
  • Person field
  • Organization field
  • Product field

In our case we only need 2 of them, namely:

  • Person field: for lead individuals
  • Organization field: for companies/account entities
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Let's suppose you want to create a custom Person field for the LinkedIn company website domain of the prospect here:

  1. create a new custom field
  2. copy its associated API key
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On the newly created field, you will see that each field has a specific ID:

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Just copy that new field API key value in a safe place, we will reuse it in a minute in TexAu.

How to add a Pipedrive custom field API Key value as a variable in TexAu?

In the Pipedrive module of TexAu, add the following:

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Now, to add the custom field we created earlier for getting the website domain, you will need to create a field in TexAu too:

  • Field Name: the value of the custom field API KEY
  • Description: let's call it "website" here
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Finally, assign the website domain variable you collected from scraping the Sales Navigator company profile page:

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Running the Automation

Now it's time to run the automation:

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Once set up, run the automation. After the workflow completes, you will see the leads you created from Pipedrive's People Organization page:

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Updated 01 Jun 2022
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