Proxies & Multi-Account Management

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Proxies & Multi-Account Management

Watch this video to learn all about Proxies and Managing Multiple Accounts in TexAu:

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This article applies to anyone using proxies, regardless of whether it's for their own needs or clients.

When using proxies with your social media accounts, you should observe rigorous security requirements to keep your social account safe and enjoy the best experience with TexAu.

You must use the same proxy to generate your cookies, browse social media and use TexAu. Why?

Because if you don't, you will often experience disconnections because of cookie expiration.

Cookies can expire if you change your location too often from a long distance in a short period.

Too much switching between your proxy IP and your home or office IP can lead disconnect you or trigger suspicious activity from social platforms.

This cookie issue can even happen if your proxy is close to your current location.

How to Manage Multiple Clients or Users in TexAu?

There are two scenarios to consider:

  1. Automating a team of people under the same corporate IP network/VPN
  2. Automating for remote clients in various locations or multisite corporate teams

Using TexAu for a Team under the same IP Network

If you and your team location are under the same IP Network (same building or corporate VPN), your team can:

  • Install and use the TexAu desktop app on their local machine, or
  • Use the same proxy for the whole team at the office if you intend to automate within working hours

Using TexAu for a Remote Team

In this case, you will need to:

  • Install the desktop app on their device, or
  • Use the cloud (browser) application and automate their account under proxies, one for each remote team member

How to Use Proxies with TexAu

What follows applies to solopreneurs, remote clients (Agencies), or teams (Corporations) using proxies.

If your team or clients are separate in various distant locations, you need to use good-quality proxies to manage their accounts. One proxy per account, that is.

If you are using proxies only for your accounts, the same following process still applies.

If you automate for account location in the same area or city, you may get away using the Desktop App under your local network. But still, we recommend using TexAu cloud with proxies for this purpose.

TexAu for Team Management.

This feature is only available in the TexAu cloud version and will come later in the Desktop App.

Depending on your plan, you may have additional team members' seats.

You can find this under your account settings in the "My Team" menu section:

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Teams should NOT be confused with workspaces in TexAu:

  • A workspace allows managing cookies for multiple clients. (client management for agencies)
  • A team is a permission-based system that controls TexAu team access within a company.
  • It's for internal team organization purposes, not for managing clients' accounts like with workspaces.

A team member can log in to TexAu and run, edit or create workflows depending on his role and permission level:

  • A viewer: can only view and run workflows
  • An editor: can edit and run workflows
  • An admin: can edit and run workflows and manage all team seat permissions

A team can have more than one admin too.

An admin can also grant or revoke access to any automation. Admins can allocate daily execution time to be divided between each member of a team.

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Whether they run TexAu in the workplace or work from home, this setup will fit most situations.

So how can you manage dozen of accounts under different proxies from the same browser without creating dozen of chrome profiles for each???

Thankfully for you, free tools exist to allow multiple accounts management with proxies like Proxy SwitchyOmega.

You can download this free chrome extension here:

Another better solution is to use a more secure alternative that can generate unique browser fingerprints to avoid any data leaks (browser/machine IDs) that can make social platforms trace back to you.

One of those is Incogniton, a secure chromium base multi-profile browser with proxy support:

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Incogniton is free for 10 chrome profiles and is the recommended choice to manage multiple client accounts under proxies.

The UI/UX is very clean, it has proxy uptime indication too and fingerprint management. very good one.

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Other alternatives to consider: Ghost Browser, (free also for 10 chrome profiles), , , and .

Method #1: How to use Proxy Switchy Omega?

The first thing to know about Proxy SwitchyOmega is to manage multiple client accounts. You will need to create as many chrome profiles as clients.

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This process is necessary to keep all your client activities under separate dedicated proxies.

Separate clients. Separate social media accounts. Different proxies, period.

So each client will be assigned to one proxy and one chrome profile using Proxy SwitchyOmega.

And what that means is:

  • As an automation agency, you will create a chrome profile on your browser.
  • The client will also install Proxy SwitchyOmega on their browser.
  • Both of you will use the SAME proxy:
  • You will automate their accounts with it.
  • They will browse their accounts and generate fresh cookies and hand them over to you.

Step 1: create a new chrome profile for a new client:

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You can create a Chrome profile without connecting to a Gmail account:

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Customize the look and feel of your client's Chrome profile, then click done:

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2) Set Up Your Proxy with SwitchyOmega

Right-click on Proxy SwitchyOmega extension and go to options:

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There, create a new profile:

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Give your profile a name (ex: client account name proxy), then click create:

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Here, select proxy type as "HTTP," then add your proxy IP address or server domain and its port:

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After that, click on the lock icon on the same row and add your login and password to connect the proxy, and hit Save Changes:

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Finally, click Apply Changes to save your new proxy:

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💡Note that you can assign a dedicated name and color to your proxy settings for a better organization.

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When you need to switch between proxies on the same Chrome profile, click on the extension and select the proxy you want to connect within the list.

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There are two modes in SwitchyOmega:

The first one is applying the same proxy settings to all tabs and windows of a Chrome profile. Then, it will route all your traffic through your proxy for all the websites you browse:

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The other one is applying the proxy setting to selected website domains for a Chrome profile.

Let's say you automate the Facebook profile of Client #1 and the LinkedIn Profile of Client #2.

You could assign Client #1 proxy for Facebook and Client #2 proxy for LinkedIn using the same Chrome profile:

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Again, if you want to use multiple proxies for multiple accounts of the same social network using the same Chrome profile, you will have to log off your social media account, switch proxy then reconnect your account. But the problem with doing so is that if you log off, your connection cookie will expire, and you will have to ask your client to hand you a fresh one. Not ideal. That's why the recommended best practice is to create and manage each client's social profile on separate Chrome profiles.

Last, SwitchyOmega allows to import/export settings to use those in another Chrome profile or machine.

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Step 3: Setup TexAu Workspace For Each Client

To manage multiple client accounts from various locations, you will have to assign each client location to a dedicated workspace:

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Each workspace will apply the daily limits for one client set of social media accounts (1 Facebook profile, 1 LinkedIn profile, and so on for one individual.

Each workspace has a dedicated cookie manager. There you will be able to store and update all your client social accounts.

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Method #2: How to use Incogniton to manage multiple profiles

First, download and install Incognition for your OS (Windows or Mac OS) here:

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After opening the app, you can add all your profiles using the CSV template below via the the “Create Bulk” menu:

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Download the CSV profile bulk import template here:

Then you simply paste the whole column content here:

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And voilà! You can now launch isolated chrome profile sessions with unique fingerprints for each client location under proxies.

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You can refer to the Incogniton great documentation for more details, lots of advanced options there (like setting fingerprint configuration from the CSV file too!):

Last: Best practices and recommendations

In a real-life situation, you would:

  • Ask your client to hand over their fresh connection cookie every two weeks
  • Train them and explain that they must NOT browse or log off from their account while you automate on their behalf. Otherwise, the cookie will expire, and we won't be able to automate anything. This part is crucial as most people are hard to discipline, and bad habits die hard.
  • Define a schedule with your client. So when you automate on their behalf, you will agree to define a slot for automation. For example, you will automate their account between 9 am to noon then your client will be able to browse their account in the afternoon.
  • Do a remote install SwitchyOmega extension so both YOU and your CLIENT will use the same proxy for connecting their social media account. The reason is if you try to add your client connection cookie using your IP or from a proxy location that is too far from your client's actual location, the social platforms will disconnect you for security concerns. Otherwise, this will result in having an invalid cookie.