How To Read Logs

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Demystifying The Infamous Logs

Logs show what's happening in real-time inside TexAu when it processes your social account automation. Why? Because it helps to understand and debug your workflows so everything can run smoothly.

To explain how to read logs, let's take this automation recipe as an example:

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When you start your automation, you will get a splash screen inviting you to the log "Results" section.

To visualize a single automation (spice) or workflow (recipe) execution logs processing in real-time, expand the master result accordion:

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From there, you will see the logs unrolling your automation in real-time.

These logs follow precisely the automation modules in your workflow processing in chronological order, from top to bottom.

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The logs header will show:

  • Automation start date
  • Start time
  • Automation or Workflow name
  • Total execution time consumed
  • Social platform in use
  • Routes in your workflow

The logs body will show:

  • Inputs
  • Schedule details
  • Each step (called iteration) of each modules used in your workflow, top to bottom
  • The connected social account and account name ("connected as")
  • The profile URLs or data input processed
  • Completed and failed iterations

You can also see the input, proxy, spice module ID, and the scheduling setting in use by hitting the "Show Input" button:

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You can also reload any past input (URL, Sheet, CSV) to re-run again the same automation from there with the "Open spice with these results" button:

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If the schedule runs at regular intervals shorter than a day (e.g., every x minutes), it will display inside the same log window:

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If the schedule is running at a regular daily interval, then you will see it piling up from oldest at the top to latest at the bottom. To see the logs for these schedules, click on the running execution to expand its logs:

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Logs will also display the profile URL in case of direct URL input or the row number processed if using CSV or Google Sheets as input:

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If you are using Routing in your workflow, you can also toggle the logs to show activities for each branch of your recipe:

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Click on the Route toggle below to reveal each path. To go back to the other route, you will have first to select the main starting branch, then select the different routes:

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If you scheduled your workflow to start at a specific time at regular time intervals, you could also access and edit the current schedule from the logs, even if your automation is running.

So let's say you have a schedule that runs between 5 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and want to change it; you can do so here:

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Logs execution color code

🟥 Red: the whole execution and schedule under it are stopped, nothing is running.

🟧 Orange: execution is running.

🟩 Green: execution is complete.

Logs often give helpful information in case of a failure. You can learn more about how to interpret those logs here:

Common Issues

Updated 18 May 2022
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