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This automation collection focus on email enrichment. It can be emails found from search engine results pages, websites, or a professional email from LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Finding Emails From Websites

Find Emails Using Domain

This automation is a bulk email finder that combines public data from search engines and an email pattern finder.

It's convenient to quickly find professional emails in bulk for a particular company.

It will debit only four email credits for each successful extraction, no matter how many emails you find. In this automation, only successful extractions count against your daily credit allowance. If it returns no data, you will keep your credits.

To run this automation, enter a company domain, the department, and the seniority level you want to target in TexAu.

Only input the domain and run without filters to get the maximum number of results.

This automation will also return phone numbers and other social media profiles found from public sources.

It will also produce a validation percentage for every email found.

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Input Example:

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Find An Email Address

This automation helps find professional emails from social media like LinkedIn.

But this can also enrich your CRM database too.

It's an email pattern finder that uses these three mandatory fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Domain

This automation also validates the emails it finds and classifies them into three categories:

  • Valid: 100% valid and deliverable
  • Catch all: valid pattern but technically impossible to verify as the domain server doesn't allow verification
  • Invalid: invalid email and not deliverable

To run this automation, input the first name, last name, and company domain of the prospect you are trying to find the professional email.

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Finding Emails From LinkedIn

Find Email Using Linkedin Profile

This automation combines an email pattern finder and scraper.

It will scrape the email found on the profile info section, most of the time the prospect's email.

But it will also find the professional email from first name, last name, and company domain like the previous automation.

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To run this automation, input your cookie and the LinkedIn profile URL to find the email.

For better accuracy, you can also input the LinkedIn company URL.

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Email Option in Linkedin and Sales Navigator Profile Scrapers

Last, you also have the option to find a LinkedIn profile email using both LinkedIn and Sales Navigator profile scrapers.

We advise you to prioritize this method to reduce the number of profile page views in your workflow.

Since the previous email automation also visits the profile page to find the email, you are better off scraping complete profile information and getting the email in one go.

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Finding Emails From Instagram (Exclusive Preview)

This automation will soon become a new flagship. It can extract thousands of emails and phones from Instagram.

It's helpful to find B2C emails from followers or followings of a target profile and Hashtags.

Very effective in finding emails from local or event-related hashtags, emails of profiles interested in a particular hashtag topic, or people who follow influencers.

In this example, let's target the followers of Tony Robbins and find their emails:

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To launch this automation, input the target profile handle or hashtag name.

Then pick one of these three categories:

  • Followers
  • Following
  • Hashtags

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This process is VERY SLOW. It can take up to 12 hours, crawling thousands of pages.

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But once completed, you will get thousands of Instagram emails and phones:

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Please note this resource-intensive automation will use a lot of email credits to extract this data.

3rd Party Email Verification And Enrichment Services

TexAu integrates with the most popular Email verification and Data Enrichment services via API.

These services allow faster processing and are suitable for high-volume data processing.

That way, you can also process your lists in bulk from a CSV and Google Sheet data input.







Updated 11 May 2022
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