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TexAu Desktop App

What are the minimum system requirements needed to run TexAu Desktop App?

Any Machine with 4Go RAM or more.

Where Do I Download The Latest Version For My Computer?

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From our website here:


Intel Macs:

M1 Macs:

How do I update the Desktop App?

You can download and install the current version on your computer. Alternatively, you can also update the app from the auto-update menu:

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What happens if my laptop is off?

All running or scheduled automation will pause until you wake up your machine or relaunch the app after reboot.

If you didn't schedule your automation, it will pause and continue after sleep or reboot/relaunch with a delay. This delay will factor in the time the app was off.

If you schedule automation, it will start on the following schedule after restarting the app or when the machine wakes from sleep.

I can't launch the Mac OS X Desktop App after installation. What should I do?

💡 The following process won't be necessary anymore after introducing the TexAu Desktop App in the Apple App Store in September 2021.

After dragging the app to the Application folder, double-click on it to open it.

It will display that the app is unauthorized and show a security warning.

This is normal because the app is unsigned.

No, the app hasn't got any malware. An unsigned app means that the software maker hasn't gone through the steps to be active in Apple's developer program, which costs $99 per year and obtains a cryptographic certificate.

Just do the following steps below:

After double-clicking the app icon to launch it, go to System Preferences, then Security & Privacy, General, Allow Apps Downloaded From The Internet. Finally, click Open Anyway. Done.

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I cannot launch or install the Windows Desktop App. What should I do?

Deactivate your Anti-Virus temporarily for the time of the installation process, then reactivate it.

I bought a brand new laptop or want to install or deactivate an old machine so I can reinstall TexAu on the new machine. What can I do?

Easy: log off the old machine Desktop App first. Then reinstall the new device and log back in.

Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact support. We will allow the installation on a new machine and deactivate the old one.

Later on, there will be a self-service option to deactivate the license yourself on the old machine remotely. Be patient, please.

Updated 13 May 2022
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