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As a member of the TexAu family, we invite you to join our automation group here:


This is a product-focused group. Members of our group can post use cases, share tips, and ask questions about TexAu. In addition, you must maintain courteous behavior toward other members, moderation staff, and admins of the group.

We encourage freedom of speech, but the group is indeed tightly moderated. All posts require pre-approval by our moderation staff.

Here are the rules and guidelines of our group you should observe in all circumstances:

  • We don't allow slurs, racial, sexist, political, or religious talks ever. We are here to talk about marketing, growth, and business, not about sharing your views of the world.
  • We allow jokes and humor, but be clever and don't act like a dick trying to be rude to anyone else.
  • It's OK to be a noob if you like to learn. Respect noobs and genuinely help them when you can.
  • Search the group first before posting the same question that other members have already answered ten times.
  • Be specific and give detailed explanations. TexAu is a complex software, don't be lazy when you explain something. The more detailed the question is, the better the answer.
  • Do not mention any current, past, or future deals or marketplace names.
  • No external links pointing to other products, courses, or marketplaces are allowed.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.
  • Any mention of past promotions about our product is strictly forbidden. If we have a running promotion, we will let you know first.
  • We appreciate constructive criticism as long as it is respectful.
  • You can mention competitors' solution names to discuss exciting features that you think would improve TexAu as a product, but no promotion for a competitor product is allowed.
  • You can mention the name of any interesting product that fits well in your marketing stack with TexAu.
  • If you are the founder of the tool you mention in a post, please disclose your role immediately. Otherwise, we will kick you out, including your VA's. Don't try to be smarter than us.
  • If you want to promote your product in the group, please contact and request approval from the admins first and introduce yourself.
  • This group is NOT a support channel. No logs or error message posts are allowed. If you have a technical issue, please open a support ticket. If your ticket didn't get an answer after 48 hours, you are exceptionally allowed to send admins a direct message.
  • You can make hiring announcements searching for automation consultants and freelancers, but TexAu denies any responsibility for the work delivered. Proceed at your own risk. We do have a recommended list of high-ticket partners you can hire in the group.
  • Do not ask for the best way to grow your social presence without context or details about your business. Every niche is different, and there is no magical strategy that fits all to achieve growth for every business. So please, be specific and describe your challenges and business specifics. Otherwise, don't expect anyone to approve the post or help you out.

Failure to respect the above rules will inevitably result in post disapproval or, worse, an instant ban.

Optional guidelines

When you post, try to use topic hashtags when you can:

  • #automation for all TexAu automation-related queries.
  • #workflows for all TexAu automation workflows-related queries.
  • #discussions for general conversation about TexAu & other tools.
  • #growth if someone asks for tips and tricks to achieve a specific task or generate leads or get data
  • #agencies for Agency related posts
  • #saas for SaaS related posts

You can also add additional hashtags about the platform you want to automate like:

#LinkedIn, #Instagram, #Facebook, #Twitter, and so on: any post related to automation on these platforms.

Mods & Admins only hashtags:

  • #updates - to be used by the group Admin only.
  • #announcement - to be used by the group Admin only.